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Portable Sand Bagging

Portable Sand Bagging

East Loop Sand Company, Inc. has designed a portable sand bagging unit that enables users to produce 1,000 filled bags an hour per machine.  The electronically controlled bagging unit fills any size bag with wet or dry material, due to its unique mechanically fed design.


The self contained bagging units can be mounted on a flat bed trailer to minimize response time for emergency situations, and come complete with electronic diagnostics and conveyor systems.  For maximum productivity, two units can be mounted on a trailer, one at each end.  One double unit can produce 1,000 cubic feet per hour.  This equates to over one-half mile of barrier protection in 24 hours.  The units are easily operated by volunteers and require minimal training.


The bagging units adapt to any materials on hand to produce bunker barriers in a fraction of the time it takes to hand fill bunker bags.  They can be mounted on a trailer that suits your terrain and can be easily relocated from site to site.

The bagging unit originally developed exclusively for East Loop Sand Company, is soon to be offered in the retail market.